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We Are A Venture Builder

A venture builder is a organization that aims at building several companies in succession with its network of resource and talents in a specific industry. It provides the necessary venture creation infrastructure for entrepreneurs, including initial capital, technical, managerial and financial operation support. Leveraging on its established "Go-to-Market" infrastructures, it also accelerates the business development of its startup projects 

Venture Builder
CSF Venture Partners
(Bring in resources)
Talent Program
(Keep the talent)
Technologies and Initial Resources
Venture Company Project Initiation
Project or Founding Team Formation
Development, Pivoting and Fundraising
Connections and know-how acquired during the venture creation process are shared among all venture projects
5 June 2019
Start-ups Competition @ ISDEF 2019, Israel

We are looking for early stage startups in the field of cybersecurity & HLS to join us at CSF Ventures, an Israel-Singapore venture building platform for security technologies. Present your startup in front of live audience and an esteemed panel of judges comprised of corporate representatives, cybersecurity experts and top leaders from across the cyber & HLS ecosystem, and win a chance to bring your idea to international market through our platform. Click here to know more. 

Bring Israel Security Tech IPs/Startups to Singapore
CSF Ventures
Create Singapore Startups with International Teams
International Market
The Operation Model

The incubator has dual side operation in Singapore and Israel. Singapore is for the main incubation and business operation, and Israel is for the early stage technology and team screening, due diligence and pre-incubation.

We will gather resources including investment and venture partners' support to create Singapore Startups with International Teams. Startups will share our business infrastructures (admin, finance, etc.) in Singapore and partner platforms globally for their product and business development. 

Ventue Builder
The Project/Team Selection
With a dedicated committee, CSF Ventures has established a thorough review and pre-incubation screening process to choose the right startups or teams to join the program.
Venture Builder
Invitation: An on-going analysis of market needs and startup will result in two kinds of invitations: specific calls (to particular groups) and general calls (over media).
Screening: To rank the opportunities by criteria, choose the top X opportunities and move forward to step #3. It requires some back-n-forth steps with step #1 until pipeline is stable
Due Diligence: A due diligence process on the startups at the top of the screening list to check the team background, technologies and their commitment to the program. 
Approval: A dedicated committee will have to review and approve the final selection of those companies. CSF Ventures management holds the final decision. 
Negotiation: Once the committee approved the acceptance of a certain venture or company, a negotiation process between CSF and the founders, will be officially established.
Relocation & Kickoff: Once the agreement is signed (step #5), the venture and the founder(s) will relocate from Israel to Singapore and join CSF incubation program.
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